Brent Holgate


As a psychologist Brent has a strong passion for enhancing the life of his clients. He adopts an empathic, open-minded, honest, and client-centred attitude as a therapist. Therapy is a collaborative process and Brent endeavours to establish an authentic connection with clients which allows people the freedom to express their challenges, fears, desires, hopes, and joys. He also enjoys exploring the existential themes of life and supporting clients make choices that foster meaning and fulfilment.

Brent strives to create a therapeutic forum which focusses on understanding the client’s experience deeply and holistically rather than by diagnostic labels. He believes it’s important to acknowledge the individual differences that exist between us and recognise how our differences interact with our experiences and our cultural environment.

He works with older adolescents (17+) and adults who present with a variety of challenges, symptoms, and psychological uncertainties. These may be related to difficulties with:

  • Identity, self-confidence, sense of self, lack of meaning
  • Depressive and anxiety dispositions
  • Grief and loss and experiences of change
  • Relationship difficulties within various domains
  • Impacts of trauma

Brent has worked with adolescents and adults in private and community settings since 2013 and engage clients using evidence-based treatment modalities that include existential therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Therapy can be short or long term with attention both to addressing symptoms and what might be underlying these.



Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours)

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychology

Availability for appointments

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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