Helping our clients develop workable strategies, psychological skills and insight in themselves, their lives and relationships. 


Helping our clients develop psychological skills, depth, and insight within themselves and their relationships.

We offer therapy for Couples and Individuals in our Canberra clinic

Couples Therapy

We offer evidence-based Gottman Method Therapy. Starting with a thorough assessment, we help couples process key issues and develop long lasting skills to nurture their relationship for the long term. 

Individual Therapy

Our focus with individual therapy is to develop psychological insight into cyclical, maladaptive patterns of behaviour, and to process the impact of psychological trauma.

Individual Therapy for Adults

Do you find you struggle with your moods? Do you find your feelings or emotional reactions confusing or unpredictable at times? Have there been events you are regularly reminded of that you can’t get past? Individual therapy may help you.

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Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Therapy is an integrative Couples Therapy that draws on evaluated and effective tools to help a relationship thrive.

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What does couples therapy consist of?

Gottman Method Therapy starts with an in-depth assessment of the relationship. This includes an online psychometric questionnaire then thorough relationship and individual histories.

Couples Therapy then proceeds to process the key issues, identified in the initial assessment and by the couple, in collaboration with the therapist.

Gottman Method Therapy uses interventions that address particular issues, such as communication, sexual and emotional intimacy, tensions within family and in-laws, parenting issues and resolving long standing conflicts. It has also developed a method for dealing with affairs or significant betrayals.

Couples Therapy is different to Individual Therapy. It is not just an opportunity to talk things through no holds barred, but about establishing or re-establishing the relationship as a place of emotional safety.

Let’s talk about therapy just for you

Therapy is for individuals who are struggling to cope with an aspect of their lives or relationships. Therapy helps you work out where you are ‘stuck’. In exploring the roots of your ‘stuckness’, therapy can then help you to create a new life path of your own making. When you are ‘stuck’ professional help can make the crucial difference..

For some individuals, events in their past have affected them more strongly than normal and continue to haunt them in ways that they find unpredictable or even unsettling. This means there may be issues that don’t resolve over time.

The good news is there are therapies that can help resolve personal trauma, including EMDR therapy.

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