Unlike Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria, the ACT doesn’t have government-mandated speech pathology services in schools for children and teenagers. This means that there are especially more limited opportunities for adolescents to access speech pathology services in our territory. Parents are therefore faced with the difficult task of finding the right speech pathology practice for their teenager, particularly as 67% of speech pathologists in the ACT are in private practice.

How do you find just the right fit?

Here at In Positive Health in Canberra we work with school-aged children and adolescents (as well as adults) who present with communication difficulties. We enjoy working with older children to help them see that accessing therapy is not just for little children. Indeed, across the lifespan, many people require speech pathology support at a range of different ages. We cater to them as the aspiring young adult they seek to be.

“Communication disability can affect literacy and other educational outcomes, mental health, and future employment,” as The Conversation clearly articulates, so we try to fill that void where public schools cannot offer speech pathology services and children fall through the gap.

While we don’t visit schools to provide therapy, we enjoy working with teenagers and adolescents in our clinic to build skills for their future.

Connect with us today to see if we are able to support your teenager at our practice.

Our speech pathology and psychology clinic is located in Braddon, ACT, in Canberra’s CBD. Call us on 5117 4890 or email reception@inpositivehealth.com to get in touch.

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