A question we often get asked is whether we offer tutoring.

Speech pathology is a healthcare profession. As a result, we offer a full service to determine a child’s speech pathology needs, including language, fluency, voice, literacy, and speech, as well as other issues that can impact a child’s learning, such as oral habits, oral motor skills and breathing tendencies.

There can often be more going on than simply spelling and/or reading issues, and literacy delay can sometimes be a symptom rather than a cause.

Intervention can include phonics and reading instruction, based on gold-standard evidence, but may not be limited to this, as our speech pathologists are experienced in more than just literacy. At the heart of it, they are healthcare professionals, just like psychologists, doctors and physiotherapists, and they have an holistic approach to care.

 As a result, we don’t offer ‘tutoring’ per se, but a full, tailored assessment and intervention strategy specific to each child. This is more in depth than tutoring can ever offer.

Our speech pathology and psychology clinic is located in Braddon, ACT, in Canberra’s CBD. Call us on 5117 4890 or email reception@inpositivehealth.com to get in touch.

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