The power of fostering positivity through overcoming negativity is no small triumph. Did you know the human brain is extremely suspectable to negativity where a 3:1 ratio of positive emotions is needed to feel happy? In this blog we will discuss some techniques that may assist you in feeling more positive.

Finding Positive Meaning

The most important tool to increase positivity is to establish positive meaning in your life. As the goal is not to decrease negativity, the aim is to boost our positivity through learned optimism. Simply put, this can be finding a positive out a negative situation. The example of the glass being half empty vs half full can really make an important difference in your positivity as this skill is all about reshaping our perception. By fostering positive interpretations of negative events, we can create a ripple effect of positive emotions in our daily lives.

Savouring Goodness

Another great tool in your arsenal is the ability to savour goodness in the activities we do and the people we spend time with. Essentially, we should aim to prolong, intensify, and even generate appreciation of the events that we love. Doing this can lead to more positive experiences in the future. For me, this would be remembering some of the concerts I’ve been to, reaching the summit of Mount Kosciusko on my first hike, or even the feeling of finishing my last school assessment. By remembering these events and revelling in the positive emotions we experienced, savouring these positive feelings can become easier as you become more proficient with this skill.

Apply your Strengths and Follow Your Passions

One more tool for increasing positivity is the ability to learn and apply your strengths to the world around you. This is important as people who do what they want to do in life have been shown to flourish. As such, people who engage in activities and occupations that are attuned to them will provide a sense of gratification and self-satisfaction. Studies have shown that when people can implement their strengths and abilities into their lives or occupations, they can increase their positive emotions with more lasting effects.

Open your Mind and Heart

The last tool I would recommend is to open your mind and heart by using meditation. While meditation is not for everyone, it’s great for fostering self-awareness, compassion, and acceptance within ourselves therefore flooding the brain with positivity. This is supported by the fact that meditation has been shown to increase brain activation in our left hemisphere which has been linked to positivity. Furthermore, meditation can foster relationships with others as the skill builds feelings of warmth and compassion within ourselves and the people we interact with.


Well, these are some basic everyday skills which you can use to start thriving. Whether it be finding positivity through the power of learned optimism, savouring positive emotions from positive events, using our greatest strengths, or even meditating, we can improve our positivity. As positivity cannot be achieved in just one day, doing some of the skills we discussed can put you on the path to start changing your life through the power of positivity.


About the Author Josh Cattle

Josh is in his final year of a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Canberra.

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