I was watching The Project tonight, and they had a story about snoring, or rather, how to stop snoring. It caught my attention!

The show demonstrated facial exercises that a person can do to eliminate snoring. Nothing wrong with that!

But, do you know, that’s exactly what Orofacial Myology does – trains the muscles of the lips, tongue, face and neck to promote optimal good health. This may be to help someone stop snoring, help a child fix muscular problems often associated with a lisp, stop thumb or finger sucking, promote nasal breathing, or even help to improve a person’s facial appearance, whether it be ageing or asymmetrical! It can also help in the retention of dental and/or orthodontic treatment.

Yes, it does take dedication.

Yes, it does take practice.

Anything worth doing takes effort.

But the results can be amazing. And there are less intense maintenance exercises once the initial therapy period is complete, to ensure the muscles continue to retain their optimal strength and tone.

Have a look at tonight’s (04/08/2015) episode at The Project if you didn’t see it in real time. Then, any questions, give me a call, or refer me on!

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